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IRAs In Conjunction With Private Lending Webinar

Did you know that self-directed IRAs are not new? Learn about the best-kept secret about IRAs in conjunction with private lending. Also, learn about self-directed IRA rules. Listen to IRA expert Kaaren Hall tell you how. Also, learn about the pros and cons between individual and portfolio trustees and how they are structured differently.

Other topics in this discussion includes:

2:50 – Are self-directed IRA’s new? 3:30 – How does private lending fit into IRA? 6:15 – What are self-directed IRA rules? 10:05 – What is the difference between an individual trustee vs portfolio of trustee? 13:23 – Can my IRA lend money? 14:20 – Can my IRA borrow money? 15:53 – What are the common structures for portfolios? 17:24 – How long does it take for my self-directed IRA to find a deal? 21:40 – What should I look out for with my self-directed IRA? 22:55 – Do you offer opportunities to match up IRA clients to available real estate offering? 23:28 – Can you refer an IRA custodian if an investor wants to hold an investment in his or her IRA? 18:05 – What are the key risk factors about this market 24:45 – Where do you see the real estate market in 6 months?


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