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Learn How To Double Multi-Family Income With ADUs

Learn how to double your income with ADUs with Arch Loans and Seth Phillips. Learn about the process and why adding an ADU is a good choice during this time. What types of ADU’s should you build? Learn the differences between garage conversions, building from the ground up and a manufactured build

1:48-Introduction And ADU Journey of Seth Phillips Of ADU Gold

7:00– History Of ADUs Laws, 25 Percent Rule

14:50– Garage Conversion As ADUs

21:00-Appraisals of ADUs

26:36– The 1 Percent Rule

33:07– Building From The Ground Up vs. Manufactured?

36:36– Can Private Lenders Fund My ADU?

38:01– What Should You Build? Who Can Help You Build You ADU?

46:40– Build The Biggest Thing You Can Build

58:40– Where Do You See The Real Estate Market In The Next 6 Months?


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