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Impacts of Legislation and COVID-19 on Evictions And Foreclosures

If you own a tenant occupied property, this is a must watch!

CEO and Co-Founder of Arch Loans, T.J. Coveyou and Real Estate Attorney Steffanie Stelnick share the latest on eviction and foreclosure legislations and how it affects real estate investors and landlords during the Covid-19 pandemic. Steffanie Stelnick talks about the different types of evictions, rent control ordinances and legal reason for evictions, including At-Fault Evictions and No At-Fault Evictions.

Other topics in this discussion includes:

0:20 – Introduce each panel

1:54 – T.J. Coveyou | Co-founder & CEO at Arch Loans

4:40 – Steve Manzo | Orange Coast Title

7:45 – Steffanie Stelnick 8:39 – California State Rent Control Ordinance

10:25 – City vs. State Ordinances

11:49 – Legal Reason For Evictions

12:09 – The Ellis Act

13:02 – At Fault Eviction

14:26 – Relocation Assistance Information in different cities in California

15:40 – Qualified Tenant / Eligible Tenant / Low Income Tenant

18:30 – Relocation Assistance & Payments

19:27 – COVID-19 Evictions and Foreclosures

24:27 – Rent Moratorium For Foreclosures

24:59 – Heros Act

25:20 – Cash for Keys Agreement

24:59 – Heros Act

29:34 – Q&A – How do you see the real estate market in 6 months?

37:35 – Q&A – Does any of the new legislation affect the foreclosures process and commercial or private money loans?


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